Squeaking By…

Finally hit 100 miles for May…and with a few exceptions, it was an uphill battle.  On the other hand – it is cause for celebration – because with everything else going on – I made it!  And I will be able to put a couple miles in the bank.  I’ve been able to hit 10K steps every day – another reason to celebrate.

May has been a month of moving, traveling, exploring, adventuring, learning, celebrating family…so many good things!  In addition to logging at least 1 intentional mile a day, this month I was able to log time in each state we traveled through.  (Some of it was done in rest areas, roadside parks, and airports – but it was done!)  We returned to our happy campground in Wellston for a couple weeks, then moved in with Mom while our house had to go to the “house fixing place”.  We are hoping to get it back soon – Mom is probably hoping the same!

Mom and I made a quick trip to Alaska to see family.  We were delighted to be able to spend time in Glenn’s Wild Game Processing learning how to make bear bacon burger, bear breakfast sausage, and caribou chorizo.  I am now waiting for Bill to go bear and caribou hunting.

Family time is such a treasure.  Beth is visiting right now and brought Nyx and Callie along.  She is such an amazing person (and a phenomenal daughter!).  Nyx and Callie are rescues, Beth has done wonderful things with them.  It’s been about 4 years since we’ve seen “the girls”.  They have always been well-behaved, but the change in them is profound.  Truly delightful!  Walt is “doing his thing” – we love hearing from him often and are so excited that he is loving his job.

Even though almost every mile of the May 100 seemed like a struggle, every mile gave me time to reflect on the joys of the month.  I am looking forward to the excitement of June and the next 100 miles!

Grace Lesson:

From the NEW Runner’s Retreat:  From the Buddhist formulation for Suffering – suffering equals pain times resistance.  This has been swirling around in the recesses of my brain.  I was in the process of trying to learn to use a piece of equipment and becoming rapidly frustrated.  This little mantra popped into the forefront – so I decided to give it a try – and make a conscious effort to work WITH the machine instead of against it.  Totally mastered it!  Just recently – again becoming frustrated over miniscule things – and remember the machine lesson.  Decided to work with it – and erased the pain/frustration.  Now if I can just keep it up….and if not, remember to offer myself the grace to forgive me!

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