The Joys of Unplanned Journeys

Today was a delightful gift – full of joy and laughter and memories that will evoke smiles and giggles in the future.  It was completely unplanned.  In fact, the day had the potential to be a real disappointment.  Instead it became joy-filled all around.

The trip might have involved missing car keys, a couple missing wallets, a road trip, a new game called “Let’s beat Google Maps ETA estimates”, clean underwear, Mexican food, huge Cokes, glorious sunshine, an appointment at the doctor’s office, and a bear.  We introduced the next generation to Thelma and Louise trips.  Between Beth and I, we were able to come up with one driver’s license, one credit card, one set of car keys, and one car…they just didn’t all belong to one person.

You probably had to be there to truly appreciate the day.  It was truly amazing.

The thing is, it could have been a real unpleasant day.  Attitude made the difference.  Seeing the opportunities instead of the obstacles.  Jumping in with both feet and with the sure knowledge that it was going to be a great adventure.  Choosing laughter and adventure over getting all worked up and disgruntled.  Embracing gratitude for the possibilities and time together.

The whole day was a lesson in grace, in gratitude, in love.  I wouldn’t trade it for any sum of money.  I do, however, wish everyone a day as full of life as this one has been.

Bless you, Beth – and thank you for this day!  We shall begin having Thelma, Louise and Beth trips – because this Louise and Beth trip just has to include Thelma – three generations!  Watch out world!

One thought on “The Joys of Unplanned Journeys”

  1. I would have loved to have seen this event, as it unfolded. I can almost hear you 3 laughing. How wonderful to enjoy this time together.


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