View Point


We passed several of these signs on the road today.  This one caught my eye.  You can see the yellow and black signs along the main road indicating a turn ahead – and the blue View Point sign indicating the opportunity to get off the main road, stop, and admire the scenery.

I think we need to pay attention to the View Point signs that show up in our lives.  What a wonderful reminder that we need to get out of the traffic – off the highway.  Stop what we’re so busy doing, and just admire the beauty around us.


Recently, we have lost several friends, and have some that are battling severe illness.  A sobering reminder of the fragility of life.  Even if you are healthy, young, and active – tomorrow is not promised.  Today – this moment – the present – is a gift.  Balance your life well – be generous with love and forgiveness (towards yourself as well as others).  Do your best, with integrity in all that you do, but don’t become enslaved by perfectionism.  Laugh – a lot – at yourself, and at life.  Celebrate life – seek joy – create and share joy.  Review your priorities and make them count.

Our road trip has altered my perspective in so many ways.  I realize how small I have allowed my world to become.  My “world” has become so small as to include the place I am at and not much more.  My ego encourages me to see myself as the center of that little world.  How beautiful it has been to have my world enlarged – to realize that I am one tiny part of this huge glorious world that God gave us!  And we are seeing a small part of that world.

Slowing down, paying heed to the road signs indicating curves ahead, is a very necessary safety practice.  Choosing to take the detour to see the view points in life is a luxury – more than that – a necessity for a life well-lived!


Grace Lesson:  Acknowledge the fragile nature of life – and appreciate the View Point.

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