1200 Miles Strong


You had to know this would warrant a post!  What started out in January as a 1000-mile challenge for the year – and by February morphed into a 1200-mile challenge is finished early!  I dug out my medal package that was mailed out earlier this year and added it to my rack.  Can’t model my t-shirt because they sent me a 4XL…I know I didn’t request that size.  Hopefully they will be able to work out an exchange.  The medal is cool, and the shirt will be fun.  Better than that has been the warmth and support from my family and friends.  Bill and Piper covered the last half mile with me today – lovely way to finish the challenge feeling very loved.


As with any challenge and goal, the real joy has already happened.  It happened in every single step of those 1200 miles.  Some of those miles were with friends, some with my Mom, some with my kids, some with Piper, many with Bill.  Some of those miles were accomplished at events.  All of those miles were intentional – not just a culmination of steps acquired during the course of the day.  More than that – those were miles and minutes of time that I intentionally spent on “me”.  Of course, that always has a trickle-down effect – or ripple effect.  That “me” time helps me be a better person – at least it feels that way to me.  I am stronger, more relaxed, more confident.

Now I am wondering if I will finish the year with 1400 or 1500 miles…or more?

I am so grateful for the support of my family, my friends, and even the strangers I have met that have offered support and encouragement.  I am even grateful for those few people that suggested 1200 miles was too many, too hard physically, or something they wouldn’t even consider doing (because they were more capable than I – at least in their perception).  To those that doubted – your reaction was encouragement also.


Challenge yourself.  1200 miles may not be your goal – it may be less, it may be more.  Maybe your goal is to walk for 20 minutes every day.  That’s okay – just choose something that is a little challenging – like maybe makes you stick your pinky-toe outside your comfort zone (although I warn you – you will likely end up wanting to keep edging out as you discover that you are capable of much more than you thought possible).  The average walking speed for a person is somewhere around 15-20 minute mile.  If you started walking 20-30 minutes a day, you could easily achieve 300 miles in a year (probably farther if you don’t skip days).  Your challenge doesn’t have to be walking – it can be whatever you can physically handle.  Need a cheerleader?  Let me know.  Want someone to walk with?  If I am in your area – we can work that out.


Grace Lesson – value yourself enough to carve out time to physically care for your body.  You will find joy and strength, and discover much about yourself!

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