Anchor Up

Life is awesome!  Today has been a gift of unimaginable proportions.

My day started with a walk with a friend – she is so interesting and fun to spend time with.  Another blessing in my life.  Bill and I spent the rest of the day enjoying the day – sitting at the campsite chatting, taking care of little jobs, and naps.  Then we moved to the beach to sit in the sun some more, walk, play with Piper, and watch the world go by.  Absolutely grand and glorious!

Last week, I saw a t-shirt that really caught my eye.  It was very simple – just said “Anchor Up” on the back.  Immediately I thought about the Mark Twain quote about throwing off the bow lines.  Around the same time, a sailboat – The Blue Horizon – washed ashore on our beach.  The first couple days, it sat mostly upright.  No one has claimed it – and it is still beached.  The anchor and line are still attached, and now covered by sand.  Each day that passes illustrates the perils of staying on the beach.  The boat is now leaning heavily, the tides have washed a little more sand a little higher on the boat.  The tide now easily flows into the boat.  Here is the progression over time:





Obviously, the boat is not able to “anchor up” or throw off the bow line by itself.  We are not a boat.  We can hoist the anchor and cast off the lines that hold us in place.  Sometimes we need a little nudge, or a little help from a friend (like the manatee that was rescued this week from the same beach).  We have the choice though.  Or, we can become like the Blue Horizon.  At first, we settle on the beach.  It’s soft, cozy in the sunshine, and it’s comfortable.  Little by little, the sand starts to wash away from underneath and build up along our hull from the waves.  Before we know it, our anchor and bow line are not what is keeping us in place.  We become buried – weighed down inside and out.  Sand, water, worry, apathy, shame, depression…it does the same thing.  It can be insidious.

The best way for me to “anchor up” is through exercise.  Over the past couple weeks, I have been able to increase my exercise to 5-6 times a week.  I haven’t done that consistently for about the last 3 years.  This time, I am using a combination of classes at the Fitness Center and some solo stuff.  Classes were always intimidating, and I much preferred to do things on my own.  Stepped out this time – and I am loving the social aspect, the interaction with the coaches, and the joy of exploring new ways to move.  I still treasure my solo time, but for different reasons now.  My energy level is climbing – actually soaring – and it feels so good to have it back.  I’m not doing it alone – I have some really great people on my team.

My friend, look over the edge of your “boat” – are you afloat and held in place by your anchor – or have you washed ashore without realizing it?  What would it take for you to “anchor up”?  Need someone to talk to?  Don’t wait for the “right time”, or the “perfect moment” – they don’t exist.  In fact, those myths are more dangerous than the sand and water.

Anchor up!  I hope our paths cross frequently while we explore – we can share our journey for awhile!






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