More Sailboat Musings, Sunshine – Blinding or Illuminating, and Clenched Fists


The sad little sailboat saga continues…it rests farther on it’s side, slowly filling with sand and water.  It is something for kids and adults to climb on, poke through, and ponder.  If the owner doesn’t claim it in 3 weeks, it will be removed and “disposed of”.

Since I am on the beach almost every day, it provides brain food for my walk.  There are so many great grace lessons attached to this little craft.  The anchor, chain, and rope are still attached.  The anchor must have dislodged during a storm.  Isn’t that the way life is sometimes?  You think things are rock solid/firmly anchored and then an unexpected turn of events breaks you free from your anchorage.  If you’re not prepared to take control, you drift along propelled by the force of the water.  Failing to take control at some point will result in capsizing or being washed ashore.  If (and hopefully when) you take control, you have to work with the external forces – wind, waves, obstacles, etc.  Applying this to my life, it means working with the plan God has for me – not fighting it.  I firmly believe that God has a plan for each of us – but it will not come to fruition without active participation on our part.  Very likely, each of us at some point in life will wash up on the beach.  Trying to regain control and make it back out on the water requires effort, support, and a plan.  Being willing to ask for and accept help.  It also takes realizing and believing that you can recover, you are worth the effort, and drive.  Without those things and actions, you become like this little sailboat.

My grace lessons that I have gained:  Anchoring in what appears to be a safe harbor is no guarantee.  You may not have the choice about when you cast off your bow line.  You will have to make a choice about controlling your direction and working within the context of a larger plan (God’s plan).  You are never guaranteed safe sailing, but resources are available if you reach out.  The uncertainty of the journey is still fair superior to staying anchored in a safe harbor or slowly becoming buried alive by the sand and the passage of time.  Never be afraid to dig out, shove out, and rejoin the journey.


Sunshine – Blinded by it, or letting it illuminate your surroundings.

A friend and I were talking about different personalities.  I was struck by the thought that some people are like looking into the sun – they are so bright/effusive/larger than life that you tend not to notice details because they are obscured by the light.  There is a magnetism that draws you close or invokes a desire to emulate that person…until you get a better look as the light dims a little.  Then there are those that sit quietly and allow the sun to illuminate their surroundings instead of themselves.  You can see them clearly, imperfections and all.  They are quieter, more inviting.  You feel comfortable talking with them, knowing instinctively that they are listening to you – hearing you.  Maybe as you get wiser (I don’t think there is a relationship to age/youth as much as there is to wisdom), you realize that while there is a need for both personalities, that quiet contemplative soul really is more compelling than larger than life.

Grace lesson:  We need both types of personalities in the world – but never feel “less than” if you’re not the bright, larger than life being in the room.


Clenched Fists

Deepak Chopra recently offered a free meditation series on empowerment.  One of the sessions included a discussion about ego and goals.  My take-away from that discussion was that fixating on goals is a function of the ego.  The ego is like a clenched fist around the goal – holding so tightly that it inhibits growth and potential.  Goals – or milestones – are great to have.  They help provide a focus.  Unfortunately, it is easy to become so attached to them that they become the be-all and end-all.  Opening your hand (or fist) requires the ego to step aside and acknowledge that it’s not the goal but the journey that holds value.  I have known many people (and I have done it as well) that don’t react well when the goal becomes not possible.  I have also learned the value of being on the journey to reach a milestone while keeping my mind open to possibilities of detours, side trips, and unexpected lessons – AND – not being devastated when that original goal/milestone is not realized.  That truly is a grace lesson.  Opening your hands, your heart, and your mind allows you to receive so much more than your original “goal”.  A goal or milestone should really be a resting point – a place where you might sit down, reflect on the journey you’ve been experiencing, and the opportunity to look forward and see the unlimited possibility stretching out on your path.  Realize that it might not look what you envisioned at the start of the journey.

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