Wear Your Masks, Wash Your Hands, Work On Your Goals!

It is really amazing to think that we are living some really incredible history.  This time will be talked about far beyond our lifetimes.  It is so uplifting to see the many acts of kindness that are being committed in so many places.

The latest addition – wearing masks.  So many conflicting opinions and feelings out there.  The important thing to remember is that wearing a mask is to be used in conjunction with handwashing and social distancing.  Masks aren’t a guarantee or a ticket to violate the stay at home order (if you’re under one).  I love one of the explanations I heard related to mask usage:  I will protect you from me – and you will protect me from you.  What we aren’t hearing much about is the correct way to put them on, take them off, and sanitize them.  Medical folks learn early in the infancy of their career.  It doesn’t come naturally – and using them correctly takes some practice.  Take some time and check out CDC (or other REPUTABLE source) recommendations for putting them on (donning), taking them off (doffing), and sanitizing (cleaning) them.  Also, be aware of little things – like you don’t touch them while they are on, or pull them down off your nose to breathe better, still don’t touch your face, etc.  There is a correct way (you’ll find directions depending on the type of mask you have) to remove them so you don’t contaminate yourself and others.  Wash your hands!  Wearing gloves – again there are mixed reviews.  Just realize that wearing gloves isn’t an invitation to touch your face, or your mask, or guarantee you won’t transmit the virus.  Again – check out videos/printed instructions for correct use – when, how, how to take them off – and wash your hands!  Masks (and gloves when necessary) are just more tools in the toolbox to fight this.  Hand sanitizer – same.  Doesn’t replace the need to WASH YOUR HANDS – with soap and water – for 20 seconds.

Enough of that.  Look for opportunities.  What can you do to bring a smile to someone?  I’ve seen some really cool rocks painted and placed around the base on my walks.  Lovely chalk art on sidewalks, beautiful artwork displayed in windows, signs lovingly lettered and strategically places, and the opportunity to notice all the glorious signs of life that I often miss in my hurry.  Sunsets and moonrise, thunderstorms rolling in, and the beautiful myriad of colors in the sky.

Make a gratitude list of things you take for granted.  Hugs from a friend, easy access to stores for something you just want on a whim, freedom to do/go wherever you want.

Work on your goals.  If you aren’t sure what they are, you might have time to consider that.  One of my current projects is working from a To Do list.  Bill does it quite successfully.  I haven’t been very good at it – but am making progress.  I’m still logging miles – and found another challenge to join to help keep me on track.  As of now, the North Country Trail Run is still planned to go on.  The view I will see from mile 26 is burned into my mind – that is what I am chasing.  The rest of the distance is literally all downhill from there.  But mile 26 is breathtaking.  It will be the cherry and sprinkles on the hot fudge sundae.

In the meantime, I am making good progress knitting Walt’s blanket.  Then I will start on my sweater.  As a reward for nailing my 1st quarter goals, I ordered a yarn assortment from Done Roving Yarns.  It was mailed today.  It will be like Christmas when it arrives.  I may find something fun to make before I start my sweater – or have 2 things on my needles.  If you’re a yarn sister – check out Done Roving – some beautiful fiber!

So, wash your hands, wear your masks, wash your hands, work on your goals, and explore your gratitudes – and commit numerous outrageous (big or small) random acts of kindness in whatever form you choose (prayer is a magnificent option)!






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