Stuff To Think About!


How are you doing?

How are you learning and growing?

Some days it’s hard to wrap my head around everything going on, so I avoid the news and media outlets.  Most of the time though, it is so encouraging to read about the kindnesses that are growing out of this new time that we are in. We have friends that have had family members infected and joyfully recovered as well as those that have lost loved ones.

Have you noticed all the fitness advertising and offers on social media?  Kind of like New Years all over again.  Lot’s of “free” trial periods and “free” basic offers.  Word of caution from experience – beware of FOMO (Fear of missing out) – it gets really expensive.  So often, the program starts out great – and hey, you’re stuck at home with time on your hands and snacks, right?  Once you get into the program, you learn about add-ons, additional and improved – with extra techniques, etc. Of course, that comes at a cost.  I have been celebrating JOMO instead and counting my blessings.  (Joy of missing out.)  Realizing that although I have extra time on my hands now, that is likely to change.  Understanding that another person/entity can not promise me something that I am not willing to take personal responsibility for with regards to my health and fitness.  There is a program right now that is supposed to be free “forever” – of course it does come with additional levels that you can pay for (not recommended – but message me if you want more info).  Energy Up allows you access to a wide variety of exercise videos with different coaches and different modalities.  Just don’t get hooked by the extras.  This site is updated and new videos are added regularly and consistently.  Link at the bottom, and again, ask me if you have questions.

I am still looking forward to #NorthCountryTrailRun2020 – it hasn’t been cancelled or postponed yet.  Feeling a little nervous about being around a bunch of people but being back of the pack is kind of reassuring – a lot less crowded back there!  The view at mile 26 – that is what I think of each time I am out putting on miles.  I really like these two pictures – kind of represents me when I am leaving my safe zone (look closely at the first picture – can you see the raccoon?)

This has been quite an amazing time for reflection – and I know that many others feel the same.

My heart goes out to the heroes taking care of patients in the hospital, and to their families as they support them and worry about them.  I have known the worry and fear of caring for patients with life-threatening illness that is contagious – thoughts of transmitting the disease to my own family, other patients, or to myself.  For the most part, though, those cases were not overwhelming in number, and family could be with them.  I have held the hand of dying patients that didn’t have anyone to be with them – and remember wanting to put everything else on hold so there was someone there with them.  For the families that can’t be with the patients – I can’t even imagine the pain and heartache – worrying and wondering.

I continue to split my walking activities into at least two parts – for mental health.  At least one of those walks is a meditative prayer.  My prayer life has grown and blossomed well during this time – one of many gratitudes to evolve.  Walking allows me to be intentionally aware of my surroundings – situational awareness if you will.  With additional time, my walks have changed from “need to get it done” to “looking forward to seeing what I can find”.  For my northern friends that are still grappling with winter scenes – I’ll share some Florida spring:

It has been pretty cool to discover that I don’t have to be busy all the time.  It’s okay to sit and knit, chat, or just watch nature happen.  I know what it feels like to get enough sleep, and that alarms don’t need to be set.

Today’s grace thought:  Scrutinize this moment – scour it and locate every bit of good you can find.  Celebrate everything good.  Look closely at the not-so-good – are you sure there isn’t something to be learned?  [Definitely NOT trying to minimize the gravity of our current situation, just suggesting that there might be some good somewhere!]

Energy Up:

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