Rambling Thoughts

Our former neighbor died about 10 days ago.  We only saw him a couple times a year since we moved and talked via phone less than that.  He was a very unique kind of guy – very much a loner and independent in the extreme.  He had some medical issues, and could barely walk – and honestly – it was hard to watch him walk.  I am sad that he died alone, and really sad that I didn’t know him better – because I have a feeling he had a very interesting life story.  I wish I could have done more for him, and at the same time realize that what he did allow us to do for him was very difficult for him.

Grace Lesson – When someone “pops” into your mind, and you start thinking about what you should/could/ought to do – realize that at any moment, those “shoulds, coulds, and oughts” may turn into regrets.  Too little, too late.


The North Country Trail Run has been cancelled this year.  Most running events have – or have turned virtual.  This is a run that just couldn’t be replicated virtually.  In all honesty, I’m glad it was cancelled.  Bringing the large number of people this event draws into our small community here is not a good scenario.  We are not blessed with abundant health care facilities (in number or in size), and a sudden increase in virus presence could be devastating.  I am sorry that I will miss the view at 26 – it would be easy for me to drive to the site and go backwards on the trail to see that glorious view – but it wouldn’t be the same.  And trying to do the course alone wouldn’t be wise since the course is only “visible” when it is marked.

Grace Lesson – My wants/wishes take back seat to the health of the community.  The view at 26 in 2021 will be even sweeter!


Track Running – I have been running on a high school track – it’s only about a year old – and what a delight!  I usually have the track to myself and my thoughts.  The surface is truly a joy to experience!  Running in circles is not nearly as boring as it sounds – allows for imagination and thoughts to run with wild abandon.

Grace Lesson – New opportunities!


Grace Lesson from before – Spend more time watching clouds and birds.  I already learned this lesson earlier this year when we were sheltering in place.  I promised myself I would remember it.  I broke my promise.  I am going to give myself another chance.  I’m worth it.

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