Spoiler Alert – there may not be much grace in this post!

I’m positive that I’m not alone in this – but I am so tired of the mask controversy.  Sick of hearing about conspiracies, hoaxes, political agendas, it’s just the flu, “my constitutional rights not to wear a mask, etc.  Seeing people intentionally gather in large groups and then later seeing the rise in case numbers.

How about this one?  Oh, it’s just “insert name” – I don’t need to wear a mask.  So, tell me, “xxx” is immune to the virus?  Is this because they look friendly/are your friend/don’t look like they are sick?  Besides, they don’t wear a mask around me (and probably don’t wear a mask around anyone else…WHAT???).

I think (my opinion) that our nation has become spoiled and lazy.  There seems to be a pervasive attitude that our comfort supersedes health and safety of others.  When our elected officials make decisions that are in the interests of the general population, they are called idiots or morons.  (Some Michiganders quite proudly display this very sentiment about our governor in their yards and on their vehicles.)  I understand that you DO have the right to freely express your opinions.  I’m just curious about how they would handle the current health situation in the world?

For those who have been unaffected by the virus (and I think that population is diminishing) – what will it take for you to decide this might be a *real* thing?  Will you have to personally know someone that has died from it?  Who, exactly, in your life would you like to sacrifice?  Please enlighten me – tell me your credentials/education/experience with this virus?  What makes you the superior source of information?

If they don’t live in your house or are not in your immediate circle, or if they choose to engage in risky behaviors (even if they do live in your house or are in your immediate circle) – wear the damn mask!  Be bold enough to disregard what that person or others might think.

2 thoughts on “Masks”

  1. Betty, I really believe that it is not just the result of a lazy and entitled population. It is the dumbing down of society as a whole. I have been startled by the shear number of people who believe in conspiracy theories and falsehoods and then regurgitate them on social media without the bat of an eye. I fact checked some piece of garbage that a family member posted and was immediately swarmed with comments that they were right and they’d pray for me because I was being influenced by Satan. REALLY?!?! How can you talk to people so blinded? It so so frustrating. I try to ignore it, but sometimes the statements are so egregiously false that I feel I have to say something. Ugh.
    PS: Hope life outside of COVID is treating you well!


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