Don’t Wait…

We just experienced the most wonderful weekend – a time full of blessings and joy.  It was a combination of Dumonts Are On The Road Again and Thelma and Louise roadtripping. 

We spent Thursday through today (Sunday) at Pioneer Trail Campground in Escanaba, Michigan.  My cousins, Janet and Debbie, brought my aunt/their mom, and we brought mom.  It was family time, sister time, cousin time, and it was AMAZING!!!

The weather was NOT spectacular – it was cold and rainy with some wind.  We never left the campground.  We didn’t have great plans to go out on the town.  We talked.  Sometimes we walked and talked if there was a break in the weather.  We laughed, we cried, we ate.  We made incredible memories.

For fun, we all used Color Street nail strips and did our nails. 

For more fun, we roasted marshmallows and made S’mores.  Then we experimented with dipping roasted marshmallows in Baileys, in Kahlua, and in Rum Chata.

The nails, the food, the walks – they were fun.  The weather – we really didn’t care.  I have to tell you, though – the time and the talks – I’ll never forget.  I am so grateful to Janet and Debbie for taking the time to make this possible – grateful for Mom agreeing to come with us.  And to our Knight in Shining Armor – Bill – this man is priceless.  He pulled the house, kept the fire going (even in the rain), grilled our steaks and cooked our shrimp boil – and did it with a smile.  The only guy in the group (except Champ and Murphy – our 4-legger men). 

Grace Lesson:  Don’t wait to make memories.  Family is so precious.  You don’t have to have activities and events planned to have fun.  Set down and talk to each other.  Make eye contact, make heart contact.  Then be sure to thank God for the wonderful people he brings to your life – they are your true treasures.

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