The other day, I went on my last walk around Crystal Lake for this year before we head south.  The water was like glass, and the trees with their glorious fall dress were reflected in all their beauty.  A mirror image, it captured the beauty and the clouds in the sky, the pretty reds and yellows and the brown dead leaves.

Reflections (images) are interesting, and for me they provoke the “thought” kind of reflection.  The reflections on the lake seem to be less harsh/clear than the mirror reflections.

When you look at your own reflection, what do you see?  What do you see if you look at a friend or family member’s reflection?

On this particular day, I was reminded of my friend, Judy.  When I see her, I see gentleness and compassion, encouragement, and a sense of adventure.  She reflects these qualities just as the lake reflects the beautiful fall colors.  Judy inspires me to try harder, be better, and make my reflection shine a little brighter.  (And she is helping me rediscover my love of piano to the detriment of her ears!)

Grace Lesson:  Make sure you have at least one “Judy” in your life!  I am blessed to have many people that reflect beautifully.  I have grateful – I understand the value of the gift that God has given me by bringing them into my life.

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