Today just didn’t happen the way it was supposed to.  Yesterday I went to packet pick up – and the excitement was so much fun!  First in-person since November 2019.  The view from mile 26.  Being around other like-minded friends I haven’t yet met.

It stormed all night last night.  Remember the song from Shari Lewis and Lambchop?  This is the Song That Never Ends?  Well – it was the storm that never ends.  (Now try and get that song out of your head!)  About an hour after I went to bed, my right leg started really hurting.  I had a problem with it last week, but thought I had that pretty much fixed.  Apparently not.  And anyway, my heart was set on the trail run today – so if I ignore the pain, it will go away, right?  Bill had me try going up and down steps here in the house since the course has a total/overall elevation of 4200+ft, and then there are the downhills…  Three steps up and down convinced me that attempting the event wasn’t a good idea.  Memories of being hauled out of the woods in a clam shell when I broke my ankle were enough to seal the deal.

So instead of heading for the starting line, I headed off to the doctor.  Just like that – my goal of 10k steps a day has come to a screeching halt.  For the time being.  Thank you – Achilles’ tendinitis.  Doc gave me several options – and let me choose (with the assurance I could change anytime I needed to).  I opted for RICE, NSAID, and physical therapy.  After I made my choice, he congratulated me and told me that would have been his first recommendation.  I did ask about my step goal…and he confirmed my suspicion that the 10k streak was done.  It was really hard to adult this one.  There may have been a few tears and bad attitude involved.

A friend posted an excellent read on Facebook – one I really needed to see today.  My problem is that I just have to back off for a while – and have other wonderful options for movement – and I let it get all out of proportion.  I realized that I needed an attitude adjustment in the worst way.  Gratitude – not attitude.  I can still move.  I am healthy.  I am loved by so many wonderful people.  I am strong (just not so much in that right heel) and capable.  I have friends that are amazing.  My life is overflowing with blessings, and I am whining.

Grace wins every time!  I will reframe this.  I adjusted my step goal – considerably.  I will start doing some low impact HIIT and strength, and the doc encouraged me to keep up the water aerobics (with modifications) in the therapeutic pool and said swimming is okay.  Those are all things that I have been wanting to get back to anyway.  As soon as I can get my therapy appointment, I will start that adventure.  And I am still so very blessed – this is just a minor inconvenience.  886 days of meeting a 10k step goal – and 887 days of meeting my step goal.  I can still meet my goal – it just isn’t 10k at the moment. It’s time to “step” out of my comfort zone.

I have a half in November and am already signed up for this trail run next year.  I will just be better equipped for it. 

Once more for those in the back of the room – GRACE WINS EVERY TIME!  When you can’t control the circumstance, control your response.  It’s okay to feel bad/defeated/angry – for a little while.  Just don’t live there – Redecorate and reframe – and find new adventures.  I bet you won’t have to look far to realize there are blessings in almost every situation.

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