34 Years!

We celebrate (actually have been for this past week) our 34th anniversary on February 13.  Bill says that every day is a celebration.  I need to make sure that the doctor keeps renewing whatever happy pill he is taking.

I realize how very blessed I am to have these past 34 years.  We have two wonderful children – and it is a joy to watch them on their journey through life.  We have had remarkable adventures – and look forward to many more.  Our families are among our greatest treasures.  Our health seems to be better now than then.  Our joys are abundant.

This is also a bit of a mystery to me.  35 years ago, I was surprised to discover that someone wanted to spend his life with me – surprised and delighted because I knew that I certainly wanted to spend my life with him.  35 years later, I am astounded to realize that he still wants to spend his life with me – and profoundly grateful.

When we were dating, we would spend hours on the phone after we got off work.  I don’t remember the content of those conversations, but I remember treasuring that time.  I remember our dates – unconventional to outside observers – ever so special to me.  Planning our wedding – and family helping with preparations – again, not very conventional but exactly what it should have been.

The more our life expanded, the less time we spent on each other.  I think that is true for most couples.  Looking back, I wish I had kept that a priority.  I do better about that now, I hope.  For a good portion of our life, I always felt like Bill was my better half – and that he made my life complete.  I’ve been pondering that a lot lately.  He certainly is the better half – at communicating, at goal-setting, at list-making (and crossing items off), at being patient with me, at being a solid presence in the midst of the storm.  I love that he set those examples for our kids – honestly, he did a much better job at that than I did. 

This past year, I’ve realized that he doesn’t make my life complete.  He helps me enlarge my borders – broaden my comfort zone so to speak.  I don’t want my life to be complete – that sounds so final.  What I am learning is that by his example, I desire to improve/expand/learn/grow more to meet his challenge.  When I think back to the very things that attracted me to him, I realize they are still there – and so many more reasons have evolved.  Sometimes I need to remember to look back to see how magical the journey has been to this point.

I know I’m not easy to tolerate sometimes.  My communication skills need a lot of work, as does my ability to apologize, forget, and move on.  I am setting my intention to work on this.  I also know that Bill will be patient with me, and I will succeed. 

Bill is my greatest blessing – and I create my own happiness because of his presence, influence, inspiration, and love in my life.  And, Honey – Mr. Wonderful – I will continue to work to be your greatest blessing and help you create your own happiness!  I love you so much – and thank God for you everyday!  Here’s to another awesome 34!


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