Footprints and Contrails


This patch of beach held a variety of footprints in a small area.  It’s a good reminder that we all leave footprints everywhere we go, and on everyone we meet.  Some of those prints will be easily washed away, and probably leave very little (if any) trace.


I see this as a challenge to consider what kind of footprints I leave – especially in someone’s life, or on their heart.  Work to be aware and leave footprints that hold loving and beautiful memories.  When you look back on the footprints that have been left in your heart, I’m sure you will find some made in love – just as there are some that have left tears.  Let the footprints in your heart guide your actions and interactions with others so your footprints are those of joy!


Just as the beach held reminders of actions, the sky seemed to hold messages of paths.  The contrails were particularly lovely against the vivid blue sky.  The contrail starts out as a single slim path across the sky, over time spreading and becoming less distinct.  Depending on the location in the sky, there are eventually many intersections at various points in the “life” of a contrail.  Today the sky depicted an interesting cross section of contrails at various stages of evolution and many intersecting points.  Just as we cross the paths of many, we create a contrail of our own.  How many intersections do you have?  I hope that you cross many paths, spread out and touch as many people as possible with your beauty, and make lovely sky pictures!


One thought on “Footprints and Contrails”

  1. Your insight to the footprints, really got me to thinking. As I am out snowshoeing and walking my dogs, I am now looking at our footprints differently. They too, will be snowed over or melted. I know that you have put a footprint on my heart and life, that will never be washed away or melted someday. I hope that I can do the same to someone else.


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