Treasures and Truths


It was a beautiful morning (if you don’t mind really stiff winds) to walk the beach this morning and contemplate life.  There weren’t any special shells or goodies to pick up on the beach – but there were some lovely truths to treasure.

I have a friend that is having a heart procedure today – and it’s been a rocky road for him.  So many of my friends are prayer warriors – and if you’re reading this, please say a prayer for Howard.  Anyway, walking the beach, into the wind and fighting it – I started thinking about him.  He leans into challenges – so I took a page from his book.  Leaned into the wind, considered the thought that he couldn’t do what I am doing right now – and knocked off the 5 miles with prayers at each step.  Never Quit!!!

One of the truths that kept resonating during the walk was embracing our imperfections.  Most of the shells on the beach today were broken fragments – they’ve seen a lot of action from the waves and the sand.  Aren’t we all broken fragments?  Realize, though, that you are beautiful in your imperfections.  Just like the waves and sand, life has given you a unique shape – God brings things into your life to shape and guide your journey.  Lean into them, embrace them, look for the good and the growth in them.  Know that you are lovable and loved – just the way you are.  Most important – love yourself and keep that love strong – just as you are – imperfect, lovable and worthy.

I turned that thought inward – on myself.  I am imperfect, lovable, beautiful, I am worthy.  I love and accept me – my body, my mind, what I am, who I am – just the way I am.  And because I can do that for myself – I realize that my capacity to do that for others has increased exponentially.

Grace lesson:  Treasure the truth that you are loveable, worthy, and beautiful just as you are.   Repeat after me:  I am worthy.  I am loveable.  I love myself – body, mind, and soul.  I am beautiful.  Just. As. I. Am.

And, please, say a prayer for Howard and his family!


One thought on “Treasures and Truths”

  1. Such up-lifting and encouraging words, just when I needed them.
    Prayers going up for, Howard, for a successful surgery, and a quick and full recovery.


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