Embrace the (S)uck.

Today was a good day.  Tori finished her first half marathon and crushed another goal/milestone she set for herself.  That is her story to tell.  Me – I am just so proud of her and what she accomplished today.  It is an awesome feeling to be just a very small part of this.


I also finished the half, my pace was a little slower than hers.  The run started out on a painful note – I was about ready to quit at mile 2 due to some ugly shin splints.  Decided to keep at it – and what a joy it was.  Met another new running friend and experienced the joy of a conversational pace!

I have been intrigued by Team Red, White, and Blue almost since I started running – but had a huge case of “not good enough”.  My new friend is a Team RWB member and introduced me to the group on a very detailed level.  Around mile 4, I decided that when I finished the half today, I would reward myself by joining the Team.  So, I did!  I think this is an opportunity for my running to mean something to others – as well as myself.

As usual – I was near the end of the finishers.  I am learning that I think this is where I really enjoy being.  I heard some really remarkable stories today.  Stories that fill me with appreciation for being able to choose to move my body and push it in a healthy way.  Gratitude abounds!

The run was pretty (s)ucky.  The first two miles getting off base were accompanied by those shin splints.  About the time they started to abate, I met my new friend.  The next mile was pleasantish.  Then we started the bridges…the big suck bridge, the medium suck bridge, the baby suck bridge – and by then it was definitely raining.  Then it was the baby suck bridge, the medium suck bridge, and finally the big suck bridge.  While we visited the bridges for the second time, the north wind picked up in a big way – the rain was horizontal in copious amounts, and we could actually see our breath for a while.  By the end of the second pass on the baby bridge, I couldn’t feel my legs, and was wishing for leggings instead of shorts.  By the end of the big bridge on the return, I think I would have traded much for a garbage bag to use as a rain coat.  At that point, we decided our 1-mile warm-up for our 5k was probably overkill in the warm-up arena.  Seriously, it was pretty sweet knowing that we only had 3.1 miles to go.  Until we turned into the base and started running directly into the wind.

We celebrated with ice cream (thank you Mom) after a delicious lunch (thank you Bill), warm shower, and a quick nap.  I am so blessed to have such a supportive family – and am grateful beyond belief to have Bill as my “Main (Support) Squeeze”.  Don’t know what I ever did to deserve him – but Thank. You. God.!

Yes, it really was an exceptionally good day.  I am so blessed to be able to embrace the yuck – the weather, the hills/bridges, the sore legs – my body continues to amaze me and challenge me to find out what else it can do.  I think about the people I know that can’t do this – and carry them in my heart with me.  I hear the stories from others – the challenges they have gone through – and realize that sore feet are a joy-filled reminder that I CAN – AND I WILL!

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