Small Victories

It’s always good to celebrate small victories!

Today is day 36 in a streak of logging at least 1 mile/day of intentional walking and/or running.  Celebrating this because it includes 7 days of driving all day, 3 days spent in airports, driving in and through 6 states twice, and weather that included rain, wind, cold, snow, -20 degree windchills, 80 degree days, and sunshine.  It includes dreadmills, beach, hotel parking lots, ice covered roads, mud puddles, trails, big bridges, medium bridges, and baby bridges.

In January, I joined a challenge to complete 100 miles in 3 months.  I finished the 100 miles before the end of January.  I decided to up the ante and joined a challenge to complete 1200 miles in 2019.   Today, my cumulative total is 145 miles.  I’m about 12 miles behind schedule for this month – and I think that is a win, considering the challenges I mention above are primarily from February.  (BTW – I wouldn’t change a thing – those challenges were part of a delightfully epic adventure!)

Walking meditations – these are no small victory – they are huge wins.  Almost 15 miles of contemplation and eye-opening revelations.  They have the potential to be addicting.

Working through the RFT Journal.  It’s difficult to describe this journey – and there is no way to assign value – it is a priceless gift.

SMH revelation:  when you hire someone to do something for you – it is not incumbent on you to prove yourself worthy of their service.  It is their responsibility to live up to what they are offering you.  (Classic example – you hire someone to clean your house – and feel compelled to clean the house before they arrive so they won’t think you are messy.)  And no, I am not hiring a cleaning service for our “home”!

Finally – with two weeks left in my BSJ, it’s time to review and evaluate long term goals and set quarterly goals accordingly.  It’s also time to pick my rewards for accomplishing those goals.

One thought on “Small Victories”

  1. You have accomplished more in 6 weeks then a lot of us do in 6 months. There is no doubt that you will achieve your goals.


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