Training Wheels and Two-Year Olds

Today is one of those days that is an unexpected gift.  My RFT journal challenge for today was to be open keep an open mind) to love and light.  What a blessing it turned out to be!

We spent part of the day on the beach fishing and enjoying the sun and warm south winds.  In the blink of an eye, literally, the weather changed.  The wind changed from south to north, clouds rolled over, the wind became fierce, and the temps dropped almost 15 degrees.  The clouds were dramatic during this brief transformation.  Really cool to observe the frontal passage.  I think there is a grace lesson in there:  appreciate the moment – because it can change dramatically in seconds.  Observe the change when it happens – don’t get caught up in the drama – just observe.

I had delayed my walk this morning because the humidity and high temps were just unfriendly.  With the cooler temps, I set off to explore the base after our fishing excursion.  I walked behind a family and enjoyed watching their journey.  The youngest girl was on her (obviously) new bike, pretty (and very cool) bike helmet, handlebar streamers, and her bike bell on the handlebar.  Training wheels were present – and set so that they were not in constant contact with the ground.  Mom, Dad, and big sister were flanking her and cheering her on with support and guidance.  It was interesting to note that most of the time, she was balancing and not using the support of the training wheels.  It became apparent that she wasn’t aware of this, because when Dad pointed it out, she immediately wobbled and leaned to the left for the support of the training wheel.  This little darling is just about ready to fly without those training wheels – she just doesn’t believe it – or believe in herself yet.

How many “TWs” – training wheels – do we place on ourselves?  Ideas or notions that we feel like we have to have to keep us upright and steady?  Thoughts like “I can’t do this alone”, “I’m not smart enough to go back to school”, “I’m too old/too young”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ve never tried that before”, “I’m just a _______ (fill in the blank)”.  TWs offer safety and security – so do anchors.  And just as an anchor keeps a boat from sailing, TWs keep us from exploring adventure and new experiences.

I know I have several (okay, maybe more than that) TWs that I hang on to for dear life.  I also know that I have some trusted people in my life walking beside me, encouraging me, and telling me I don’t need the TWs anymore.  Working on surrendering those TWs is challenging.  How about you?  Do you have TWs that need to come off?  It is interesting to really look at what you might consider your TWs – think about why you hold on to them.  Why you don’t want to let them go…  What might happen when you do let them go…  We’ve all lived through skinned knees and road rash from the first few solo rides minus the TWs… Remember the feeling that you were riding faster than the wind?  Toss off the training wheels and race the wind again!

Two-year olds.  I watched an adorable little girl on the beach during my run.  Actually, she was the reason it went from a power walk to a run.  She must have been about two – she had ambulation nailed, didn’t respond to “no”, and was trying really hard to outpace her Mom on the beach running to the ocean and chasing the seagulls.  It was cooler, and one of her family members had donated their sweatshirt to keep her warm.  She was on a mission – at first I thought she was just trying to chase the birds to make them fly.  Watching her, though, I think she was trying to figure out how to fly and hover like the birds.  She ran, arms outstretched and flapping, and giggling trying to keep pace with the gulls.  She was the picture of pure joy, loving life, and believing she could fly with the “birdies”.  She ran, and just oozed happiness.  I must have stepped in some – because all the sudden, instead of walking, I was running and laughing as well!

Grace Lessons:

  1. Find delight in this very moment.  It can change quickly and with little or no warning.
  2. Check for TWs – see what needs to be removed that is slowing your amazing progress.
  3. Be like a 2-year old. Ooze joy and happiness so everyone around you steps in it and absorbs it.  Run with your arms outstretched, flap your wings, laugh, giggle, and fly full of joy!

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