Props to the Unofficial Life Coaches

(This is a tad overdue, but at least it is getting out there.)

After spending some time at the hair salon last week, I realized how little recognition may be given to all those unsung heroes in service professions.  Watching and listening (and personally experiencing) the interaction between stylist and “stylee” was interesting.  These men and women listen to a multitude of problems, cares and concerns, and confessions every day.  Almost without exception, with an attitude of caring and compassion.  They also handle a variety of insecurities about body image and self-confidence with grace.  It takes someone really special to do this day after day

Having plenty of time to observe and reflect, I started thinking about the other people that cross our paths and do the same thing.  Store clerks (especially in clothing and health/beauty departments), pharmacy workers, fitness instructors, nurses, doctors, first-responders, the list is endless.

It is a huge blessing when you can count family members and close friends in this group as well. (And believe me, I am blessed in this respect!)

They may not have the “official title” of Life Coach – but they nail it!  Many thanks to my myriad life coaches out there – you rock it!



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