Scary Stuff and Brave Courage

We are on a spontaneous brief “vacation”.  I didn’t realize how much I needed this until our walk this evening.

We knew that when we came back from our last road trip (a fantabulous experience!), we would be making rounds with doctors and dentists.  Bill handles this so much better than I do.  I had to have a crown and filling, and some “routine” screening tests.  They are considered routine – but since they have been abnormal but stable in the past, I find them unsettling – and am anxious about the results.  I do not like dental visits.  Stems back to horrible experiences as a child with a dentist that should have never been allowed to treat children.  50+ years later, the thought of dental work (beyond a simple cleaning) inspires fear and anxiety.  Adding to this, we just switched dental providers.  I made it through the crown and filling, thanks in large part to our new, very compassionate dentist.  Unfortunately, a large amount of “temporary glue” from the crown was left around the tooth resulting in large amounts of gingival irritation.  Another visit fixed that.  On to the screening stuff…one down and one to go – first one came back stable – huge sigh of relief.  Second screening yet to be scheduled.  I’ve spent lots of time in prayer and contemplation.

I realize how much courage and bravery it takes to ask others to hold you in prayer.  First, you have to believe that you are worthy of that request.  Think about it – how much easier is it to ask for prayers for a friend or family member?  Even that requires bravery and courage.  If someone is willing to step up and ask for prayer on your behalf – accept gracefully and gratefully.  Why is it so hard to ask for yourself?  Pride…ego…not wanting to worry others…fear and having to admit to being vulnerable?

I am savoring this wonderful and unexpected mini vacation.  It has already been filled with delightful walks and joy-filled family time.  Ever so grateful for this experience.


And, I sure would appreciate prayers for the next couple of weeks – for another dentist visit, another screening test, and a marathon that I have not been able to train for.

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