Quiet Time/Time Out

This past weekend, we were involved in a large-scale (for me) volunteer activity.  My part was doing something I love, and for some really great people (old friends and new).  Being an introvert, activities like this can be a challenge.  During the event, it was easy to feel energized and feed off the energy of all those dynamic extroverts in the crowd.  By Sunday afternoon, everyone had left, and I was craving some quiet time.  Monday was pack up and move day and more quiet time/time out.

Our event was a success.  Members came together from across the state to work together to train (and actually put the training into effect on the last day for a real-life situation) and refine skills.  It was very gratifying to be able to offer support in the background.

(I will admit to using the event to distract me from a couple things looming on the horizon that are a little concerning.)

My grace lesson from this weekend is the reminder to respect my introvert friends.  After doing something like this, quiet time/time out is especially important.  Although energizing during the activity, it is also very draining.  It has taken me this long to recognize and schedule this important 1-2 days of quiet to recharge my batteries.  Have an introvert in your life?  Respect their need to be quiet – give them space.  Don’t make them feel guilty for needing to be quiet, don’t mock them or make light of the stark change in mood (unless it lasts more than a day or two).  Just be there – don’t assume that they are mad or upset, believe them when they say they aren’t.  Like plants draw energy from the sun, introverts draw energy from quiet.  It’s like a soothing balm.

This is true for me – and coupled with a few things still looming on my radar – I’m asking for a couple prayers if you can spare them.  I have 3 more “challenges” in the next week – then we are going to start planning and prepping for our next road trip.

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